How to Locate that Pesky Leak in Your Roof

21 Jul 2015

Roof leaks can be maddening. They seem simple and easy to repair, but the fix isn’t always straightforward. Your ceiling may be dripping in one place, but the roof leak may originate somewhere totally different. How can you locate the problem's source? When it comes to this frustrating aspect of roofing, Westfield, MA homeowners can follow a few tips to find and seal that pesky leak.

Check the Attic First

If you have access to your attic, go up there with a flashlight and scrutinize the ceiling for leaks. The attic is the easiest place to spot cracks or holes that may be letting in water. Look out for water stains, black marks, or mold – these are evidence of a persistently leaky spot. It's also smart to make the trip up there on a rainy day, when any existing leaks will be even more apparent. Once you locate the intrusion, mark the area so that it's visible from outside. On a nice day, apply roofing cement to that spot on your home's exterior.

High-Level Problem-Solving

If you don't have an attic, you'll have to get outside and do some real roofing. Westfield, MA homeowners can wait for pleasant weather to roll in and then climb a ladder to examine their roof's exterior. Look for missing shingles or torn seams – these are the clearest indications of a leak. If you don't find these, enlist a helper to run a leakage test. Have your helper stand inside at the spot where your ceiling has been dripping. Use a garden hose to run water onto your roof, starting at a point directly above the ceiling leak. Your helper will alert you when the ceiling starts to drip. In this way, you can focus in on the leak's origin. Run the hose on each spot for a few minutes before moving on. Be patient – the process can take an hour or more. When you locate the leak, cement it up, and then buy your helper some dinner.

Leaks are an unavoidable aspect of roofing. Westfield, MA residents can remedy these problems with a few simple strategies and a bit of elbow grease.