Easy Cleaning Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Easy Cleaning Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

25 Aug 2015

Many people have a love-hate relationship with cleaning. They love it for the result, but they hate it because they don’t know where to begin with the process. Here are the areas homeowners should focus on most with cleaning.


Gutters should be secure, free of leaks, and free from debris. Any soil sloping toward the basement should be evened out to prevent foundation damage, which may be indicated by cracks in the concrete structure. Chimneys should be inspected and cleaned by a professional. Shrubs and trees should be cleared of winter damage.

Safety Features

All smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should have their batteries tested and changed regularly. Homeowners should make sure all doors and windows open and close properly; ones that don’t could indicate a problem with the home’s foundation.


Flipping or rotating mattresses will help eliminate dust and allergens, as will washing pillows, bedding, and curtains. The homeowner should take care to wash and dry bedding before storing it because moths and insects are attracted to natural body oils. Each bedroom should be dusted thoroughly, starting with the highest points and ending vacuuming of the floor.

Living Room

Living areas can easily be updated with a coat of paint or a change in light fixture. New pieces of art or furniture can be found at local thrift shops at a low cost. Even adding two large mirrors on opposite walls will create the illusion of an entirely different room.


Carpets should be cleaned thoroughly with a vacuum and shampooer or carpet steamer. Rugs should be shaken and laid to air out on an outdoor clothesline. All sidewalks, porches, and entryways should be regularly swept to keep dirt outside.

These are just a few cleaning tips that will enhance your home.