Time For a Bathroom Update?

Time For a Bathroom Update?

30 Sep 2015

The bathroom is the most-visited and most used room in the house — so why should it receive less design attention than the rest? Homeowners who want to invest in an easy update with a big impact should consider these reasons for a bathroom remodel.

1. Comfort

Bathrooms have come a long way from the cold, hard-to-clean tubs and purely-functional sinks of past years. Now bathroom appliances are both functional and luxurious, with features like water pressure and temperature control; artful shower doors and curtains; and beautiful floor and wall tiling, as well as stone options. Updating to heated floor tiles means no more chilly toes!

2. Value

Remodeling the bathroom has been shown to significantly increase an entire home's value, combining the short-term benefits of the upgrade with long-term benefits from a future sale. Remodeling the bathroom will make the room look better, function more efficiently, and bring in a quicker, more lucrative sale in the future. Getting rid of negative features like broken tile, an ugly bathtub, or low water pressure can help dramatically increase the value of a home.

3. Safety

Safety should be a homeowner's number-one concern when considering whether or not their bathroom is up to date. Whether it's a wet floor, narrow doorway, or curb-less shower, older bathrooms often have many "invisible" dangers that aren't apparent until it's too late. Updating the bathroom to include modern safety features such as walk-in safety tubs, grab bars, and temperature control valves can grant homeowners with peace of mind to know that family members are secure in a safe, updated bathroom.

With a few updates, drab, and out-of-style bathrooms can transform into beautiful feature rooms that are safe, efficient, and luxurious — a great investment for homeowners.