When you live up north, that biting winter cold has a tendency to creep right in through your doors and windows. Westfield, MA residents are no strangers to sub-zero temperatures. When the thermometer starts to plummet, there are a few simple things you can do to winterize your house. With a little elbow grease, you can keep the house warmer and save on heating costs. It's a win-win. First off, a few basic cleaning tasks. Make sure your gutters are cleaned out lest snow and ice form dams that clog up your drainage all winter. Next, flush out your water heater. Sediment and other debris can build in the heater during the warm months. Flushing the unit will ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency throughout the winter. On a similar note, replace the filters in your central heating vents — this will also ensure that your system operates efficiently. Next up: insulation. Though it's not stylish, get insulation film for your windows. This film is inexpensive, and it can keep up to 70% of the heat from leaking out of your windows. Westfield, MA locals may already know that weatherstripping also helps seal the cracks against Jack Frost. In addition, get some draft guards for your doors. These are affordable cushions that slide onto the door's bottom edge, insulating the gap while the door is closed. Now the obvious one: make sure your walls and ceilings are insulated. Most importantly, make sure that your attic's floor is padded with insulation. Heat rises, so containing it to the rooms you occupy goes a long way. In addition, consider getting a programmable thermostat. These automated devices can be set to lower the temperature when you're at work, then raise it shortly before you return. With a few gadgets and some work on the doors and windows, Westfield MA residents can keep the bone-chilling cold out of the house. [...]

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