Anyone who has owned a cat or dog knows it’s next to impossible to keep floors completely clean and well-kept with furry friends running around the house. But, there are simple steps that homeowners can take to extend the life of their floors. An organic fiber rug can be laid on hardwoods to protect them from cat and dog claws. Materials such as seagrass, mountain grass, and sisal are ideal for this, and they are easy on the animal’s feet. Plus, they look very stylish in the home. Carpet lovers should try wool carpet tiles, which can be replaced one at a time. They can also be pulled up and rinsed under cold water to maintain their new look. Even regular carpet can be an option for homeowners whose pets are well-behaved and always groomed with short nails, but it does require frequent vacuuming. Vinyl is one of the most resilient and durable flooring materials. It is also extremely easy to wipe clean. Vinyl is cheap, but to maximize longevity, homeowners should avoid the cheapest options available. Linoleum has a bad rap, but today’s options are sustainable, durable, and scratch-proof, so they hold up to wear and tear from critter claws. More stylish linoleum floor choices are available now than ever before. Polyurethane finishes can cause cats and dogs to slip and slide, which encourages them to use their claws to gain traction. Oil finishes, however, offer a shiny look with minimal slickness. Waxing floors has the same effect. It’s difficult to keep floors completely free from damage when pets are in the home, but there are easy ways to maximize the life of the floor. Every cat or dog owner knows dirty floors are a small price to pay for the love of an animal. [...]

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